Home Looks Dark Grey Rug for Living Room - 160 x 230 Rectangular Bedroom Rug Indoor Contemporary Stripes - Area Rugs Low Pile Minimal Maintenance Soft and Comfortable

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A rug can be placed in various rooms throughout the house. Here are some common areas where rugs can be placed: Living Room: A rug in the living room can anchor the seating area, define the space, and add warmth and texture to the room. It can be placed under the coffee table and extend to include the sofas and chairs. Bedroom: A rug in the bedroom can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It can be placed under the bed, extending beyond the sides and foot of the bed to create a soft landing spot when getting out of bed. Dining Room: Placing a rug in the dining room can add style and enhance the overall decor. It can be positioned under the dining table and chairs, providing a cushioned surface and defining the dining area. Entryway/Hallway: A rug in the entryway or hallway can make a welcoming first impression and protect the flooring. It can be placed near the front door or along the hallway to add visual interest and catch dirt and debris from outside. Home Office: Adding a rug to a home office can help create a defined workspace and improve the overall ambiance. It can be placed under the desk and office chair, providing comfort underfoot and delineating the work area. Nursery/Children's Room: A rug in a nursery or children's room can provide a soft and safe play area. It can be placed in the center of the room or near a designated play area, adding color and warmth to the space. Kitchen: In the kitchen, a rug can add comfort and style. It can be placed in front of the sink or stove, providing cushioning for feet while standing for long periods and adding a decorative touch to the kitchen floor. Bathroom: In the bathroom, a rug can add warmth and prevent slipping on hard surfaces. It can be placed near the bathtub or in front of the vanity, adding a cozy element and absorbing excess water.

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Technical Specifications

Brand Home Looks
Size 160 x 230 cm
Material Silk, Wool
Weave type NO
Pile height 8mm
5 Ratings

Just what was needed, looks perfect in the space intended and the quality is super for the price paid. Delivery was prompt (as stated) Happy customer, will be ordering again soon!Read more.

Great quality / Fast delivery - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 July 2023