Aspire Homeware Rugs Living Room - Grey Area Rugs for Bedroom Anti Slip - Modern Super Soft Thick Pile Small Fluffy Shaggy Rug Non Shedding, 50cm x 80 cm

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Technical Specifications

Brand Aspire Homeware
Size 50 x 80 cm
Material Polyester
Weave type NO
Item weight 0.26 Kilograms
4 Ratings

When ordering I was a little apprehensive about size because of some of the negative reviews, but actually the rug size was as stated so I don't quite understand the reviews that said that it was very small. The colour is perfect for my living room as I have hints of orange and this rug brings a lovely orange softness to the room. Definitely not rust colour. Yes the rug is a very light weight rug, but for me that isn't a problem as I will be sticking it down with rug grips anyway to prevent movement on my hard floor. I Love the fact that the rug can be washed, but obviously I can't comment on that until I actually do wash it. The pile is a little longer than I expected but that's no biggy and there is a slight shine to the pile, not glittery just a sheen, almost. The rug is not a close knit pile and feels quite thin to the touch, but again it isn't a big deal for me as my coffee table will be on it and it's only my pup that will be using it (Which has already got his approval) so no high traffic robustness needed. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it at first but I have done the "quick look test" several times and I have to say that yes, I like it, I think it brings that something to the room. I think that overall it is value for money.Read more.

I was sceptical...but - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 November 2023
4 Ratings

As others have said, this rug is thin but I just wanted a runner by my bed. I have lots of muted pink in my bedroom and this was anything but muted! Ideal for a little girl’s room and it’s ok for mine My daughter laughed when she saw it but my dog likes to roll on it and it is soft to the feet when I get up. Strangely, though, it feels cool, not warm to the feet. For the price, it’s good value. If I had chosen another colour I might have fallen in love with it. As it is, it’s ok!Read more.

A bit Barbie bright! - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 November 2023
4 Ratings

Inexpensive and a reasonable gap-filler. Decent grip on the floor which is obviously good. Only thing I'd point out is it is a lot more glossy in the flesh as it were which 'enhances' its synthetic qualities and makes it feel a little slippy in your socks but not in a way that you skitter around on it (although that may be different for young kids etc). The photos show a much more matt appearance which allude to a warmer thicker feel but I wouldn't say that was the case with the article in hand. It's twenty quid, so, you know what you're getting.Read more.

You get what you pay for - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 November 2023
4 Ratings

It a nice soft, low profile rug that I've put in the doorway to the living room to collect some of the grime coming off the dogs feet. It's pretty thin but very soft, luckily it doesn't get rutted under the doors. I've not washed it yet but it does state hand-wash only, although I'll probably chance the machine 'hand wash' cycle. One thing to note is that it's very much on the lighter side with hardly any purple/lilac at all like the photo online that the seller shows. I could of done with the darker side because dogs are grime magnets but I'll live. I'm getting a smaller one for the French windows.Read more.

I like it enough! - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 September 2023
4 Ratings

The carpet is okay but I was delivered a wrong colour.Read more.

I was delivered a wrong carpet colour - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 November 2023
4 Ratings

So beautiful and soft I am loving it but it's smaller than expected.Read more.

Very Fluffy - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 November 2023